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Re: Possible fix for (Re: Internet problem after recent rewrite of mbuf)

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:11:57 -0700 (PDT)

:That fixes the problem of not being able to access some

    Excellent.  One down!

:Second bug:
:No wonder why my pppd is taking a lot of CPU time, just look
:at this(output from command ktrace -p 899 ;sleep 5; ktrace
:-C; kdump -R):
:   899 pppd     1092167829.271917 CALL  select(0x6,0xbfbffa10,0,0xbfbffa10,0)
:   899 pppd     0.000095 RET   select 1
:   899 pppd     0.000014 CALL  read(0x5,0x8062180,0x5e0)
:   899 pppd     0.000024 RET   read -1 errno 35 Resource temporarily unavailable
:   899 pppd     0.000012 CALL  select(0x6,0xbfbffa10,0,0xbfbffa10,0)
:   899 pppd     0.000013 RET   select 1
:   899 pppd     0.000011 CALL  read(0x5,0x8062180,0x5e0)
:So it retries, gets an error, and keeps on retrying all the
:time at around 34000 times a second (assuming that there are
:2 calls: select and read, and they are repeated around
:170000 times for duration of 5 seconds, and thats 34000
:select() and read() per second!).
:I'm not very good programmer(hell, I cannot even be called a
:newbie programmer). But here are possible solution:
:Sarunas Vancevicius

    Well, it's definitely a bug somewhere.  Could you do me a favor and
    track down what descriptor 5 is?  Do 'fstat -p <pid_of_pppd_process>'
    (do another ktrace to make sure it's still descriptor 5, since the
    descriptor might wind up being different when you restart pppd).

					Matthew Dillon 

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