Benchmarking BFQ


Various tests are took to benchmark the performance of BFQ. They are run on two different machines:
Machine 1 Machine 2
CPU Intel Atom(tm) N270@1.60GHz Phenom II X4 955
RAM 1.0GB 8.0GB
Harddrive WD1600-BEVT, 5400rpm, 160GB, SATA WD5000AACS on AHCI
Architecture i386 x86_64
The tests includes:


Tests of interbench are taken on machine 2. Using 1528020 loops per ms.
Average Latency
Max Latency


Tests of blogbench are taken on machine 1.
Read Score
Write Score

IOZONE - throughput

Tests of tiobench are taken on machine 1. The invoke command is:

./iozone -s 20m -r 64k -l 32 -u 32

The command means: Create 32 threads and each thread reads/writes 320(=20M/64K) 64KB-size records. The total reading/writing speed (KB/s) is measured.

DragonFly kernel making

Tests of DragonFly kernel making are taken on machine 1. The invoke command is:

time make nativekernel -j 2

The total time spent is measured.