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Top ten interesting broken packages (Volunteers?)

From: John Marino <dragonflybsd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 12:25:52 +0200

This is an opinionated list of packages that are broken only on DragonFly
and we should want to see fixed.  I'd like to see some people volunteer
to fix them, preferable somebody would wants to use the package
themselves.  I'm sure people have a much different opinion of what is
"top ten" so please express if you see an obvious package missing from
the list.

Excluded from the list:
* Asterisk10, Asterisk18: The package maintainer intentionally removed
  the DragonFly fix without replacing it because he doesn't understand
  why an extra library builds on DragonFly and doesn't want to expand the
  PLIST w/o this comprehension.  He doesn't care that it's broken on
  DragonFly in the meantime.  Since he removed a working solution, he's
  on the hook to come up with another one.
* lang/sbcl: profmakx and I have put some work into this one and profmakx
  is slowly getting to the end as his time permits.
* misc/libreoffice: Fixed for pbulk (and then upgraded, hopefully
  upgraded libreoffice still builds in pbulk)

01.  Emacs 24        (editors/emacs24 + editors/emacs24-nox11).
02.  perfuse         (filesystems/perfuse)
03.  lsof            (sysutils/lsof)
04.  jabberd         (chat/jabberd)
05.  xymonclient     (net/xymonclient)
06.  gnome-commander (sysutils/gnome-commander)
07.  grub2           (sysutils/grub2)
08.  xine-ui         (multimedia/xine-ui)
09.  racket          (lang/racket)
10.  gprolog         (lang/gprolog)
11.  koffice         (misc/kofice)
12.  mame            (emulators/mame)

Problems with package:
01.  build utility "temacs" segfaults
02.  Insufficient puffs support?  Seems to need heavy patching.
03.  Needs extensive dfly patches
04.  Probably simple (main.c, missing reference during linking)
05.  simple, fails in install phase (conflict PLIST/CHECK_FILES_SKIP)
06.  'setErrorFunction' not declared in scope
07.  Needs extensive dfly patches (getroot.c, hostdisk.c)
08.  hitting lots of macro #warnings, probable needs #if __DragonFly__ 
09.  can't find schsys.h header from string.c
10.  exception raised in pl utility during build
11.  ks_pdf_import.cpp, poppler issue
12.  I added dfly to config and fixed some drivers, but it broke again.
     Don't have log, need to reapply patches to see what's up.

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