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Re: computer hung for no obvious reason

From: Edward M <martinezedward228@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 20:13:51 -0700

On 06/04/2012 07:48 PM, Pierre Abbat wrote:
> Is this ever going to finish? Rolling-replace didn't work; I still don't have
> a working kmail on DF, and am still using the old konqueror. I've been
> running this build for at least three weeks, and every time I have to restart
> it it goes back to some already built package.

kinda have the same problems on another system iḿ working on. I 
installed Dragonflybsd 3.0.2 with GUi. then I pkg_rolling-replace using
pkgsrc-2012Q1; pkg_rolling-replace did finish, but i had to remove some 
preinstalled apps along the process., but now i dont have wget,
firefox, etc and when i try to installed them they cant. I have decided 
to l reinstall dflybsd then doing a pkg_rolling-replace using 
then pkg-rolling-replace with pkgsrc-2012Q1. and see if how works?

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