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Re: Some problems installing dragonFly BSD. Can anybody help?

From: Ivan Uemlianin <ivan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 09 May 2011 08:47:35 +0100

Dear Justin

On 07/05/2011 01:14, Justin Sherrill wrote:

5. I was expecting FVWM as the window manager: I thought the docs said
that was the default. Presumably I can change the window manager.
Should it have been FVWM? Is the fact that I got TWM instead a symptom
that some config was wrong?

If the original poster was running as a newly created user rather than root, that may be why. I don't think the default GUI config is added to new user profiles; just the root one present at install.

That's exactly what was happening, thanks. Just now I logged in as root and started X, and got fvwm. Also, exiting X back to the console went smoothly.

One thing that happened both times: on startx, the laptop screen filled with semi-random-looking blocks of colour for a split second before going into the wm. I think I've seen this before on some linux installs. Presumably X is configured to some default (vesa?) and not the particular graphics card, screen, etc., I have on my laptop.

I'll go through comments as time allows, ironing out the glitches on my laptop, and write up once everything's working. As no-one has said anything like "you have completely ballsed up your installation!" I shan't reinstall (unless advised otherwise).

Although installing DragonFly on a virtual machine (e.g., VirtualBox) is a good idea, many of my symptoms seem to be to do with the particular hardware of the laptop. so I'll continue with the real machine for now.

Thanks again to everyone for help.

Best wishes


Ivan A. Uemlianin
Speech Technology Research and Development


    "Froh, froh! Wie seine Sonnen, seine Sonnen fliegen"
                     (Schiller, Beethoven)

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