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Re: less at end of file

From: Oliver Fromme <check+ldd5rz00rsy5jm0t@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 13 Dec 2010 12:51:27 GMT

Chris Turner <c.turner@199technologies.org> wrote:
 > Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
 > > less is not more. man uses "more" by default.
 > you can:
 > export PAGER=less
 > or
 > setenv PAGER less
 > to change the man(1) behavior, btw.

Just for completeness, if you rather want the opposite
behaviour, i.e. less to behave like traditional "more",
you can do this:

export LESS_IS_MORE=1

Of course, you can configure the behaviour when hitting
end-of-file with the -e and -E options.  You can put
them in the LESS environment variable (or MORE if you
use the "more" compatibility mode) or in the .lesskey
file.  See the less(1) and lesskey(1) manual pages for

Best regards

PS:  For inspiration, here's an excerpt from my personal
. lesskey file (actually there are more key bindings) ...

\e[g    goto-mark \^
g       goto-mark \^
LESS            = -Meiqa -\#8 -j.5 -z-4
LESSCHARSET     = latin1
LESSOPEN        = |/usr/bin/lesspipe.sh %s

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