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BSD at FOSDEM 2011 - Call for speakers

From: Marius Nünnerich <marius@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 13:21:27 +0100

Hello all,

FOSDEM 2011 will take place February 5-6, 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.
We want to continue the great success of the last years and again we
have a booth and a devroom.

Please submit your proposal to me asap. We have a devroom on
saturday this time. Talks will be 45 minutes including discussion (feel
free to ask if you want to have a longer/shorter slot).

Every talk is welcome, from internal hacker discussion to real-world
examples and presentations about new and shiny features. The talk
committee consists of Daniel Seuffert and me.

Please submit your proposals to:


and include the following information:

* Your name
* The title of your talk (please be descriptive, as titles will be
listed with ~250 from other projects)
* A short abstract of one to two paragraphs
* A short biography introducing yourself
* Links to related websites/blogs etc.

The deadline for submissions is 20th December 2010. The proposals will
be considered by committee. If your proposal has been accepted, you
will be informed by email within one week of the submission deadline.

Best regards,


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