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Re: Why did you choose DragonFly?

From: Jan Lentfer <Jan.Lentfer@xxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 08:46:03 +0200

Samuel J. Greear schrieb:
This mail is intended for the infrequent responders and lurkers on the
list just as much as the regular posters.

What has drawn you to use the DragonFly BSD operating system and/or
participate in its development by following this list? Technical
features, methodologies, something about the community? I suspect the
HAMMER filesystem to be the popular choice, but what other features
affect or do you see affecting your day to day life as an
administrator, developer, or [insert use case here], now or in the
Initially I stumbled over DragonFly because I was interested in investigating PostgreSQL Performance on different Filesystems. So at some point I read about HAMMER and DragonFly was brought back to my memory. I have been using FreeBSD since 4.x and iirc I was also around when DragonFly forked but I didn't follow it around that time.

When trying to setup DragonFly for PostgreSQL benchmarking I ran in to one or the other obstacle which made me go to #dragonflybsd... and that is where I got stuck :-)
People on #dragonflybsd where just nice and helpfull and very open to someone as new as me so I sticked around for a while and things lead to another. I started working on something I encoutered a problem with (I think it was some mount_hammer error mesage) and provided a patch which was quickly excepted. After some more work I was granted a commit bit after only 3 months or so. I always wanted to contribute to OpenSource (in one or the other way) but in a lot of project the hurdles are just too high for someone like me who is not a professional programmer. Not so in this project, that is why I am here basically :). All very "soft skill" reasons :-)... But I like all the features of DragonFly,too, especially the updated PF in upcoming 2.8, awesome ;-). But I have to say that for me those came as a second step, as I learned about them more and more when I was already a member of the community (still have to really figure out vkernels btw).


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