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Re: Is it time to dump disklabel and use GPT instead?

To: elekktretterr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
From: Sascha Wildner <saw@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2010 22:49:29 +0200

On 7/24/2010 6:47, elekktretterr@exemail.com.au wrote:
It seems that a lot of new comers get a really annoyed(and more than often
turn away altogether) with the fact that they have to use archaic programs
like disklabel to setup partitions. Wouldn't it be better to simply dump
it, and use GPT partitions instead?

What evidence do you have of newcomers being "more than often" turned away by having to use "archaic tools"?

If they want DragonFly only on their whole disk, they can just let the installer install DragonFly to the whole disk without having to use either fdisk or disklabel.

If they want DragonFly on part of the disk, they will have to create a partition and have the installer use that. Again, disklabel not needed for installation.

I think most users fall in one of the categories above. All in all I think you are really exaggerating here.


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