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Odp: The most supported X desktop for DragonFly

From: "Krzysztof Langer" <klanger@xxxxx>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2010 23:35:00 +0200

XFCE4 works OK on DFBSD (without composing your RAM should be enough). You need to add user to host file (in /etc) and enable dbus&hald in rc.conf for exit/reboot etc.


What I would recommend is WM & not DE for low memory setup.


Openbox is very low on RAM, bit tricky with all config files but you can use obmenu and obconf (gui for openbox configuration). OB with any panel (tint2 or even xfce4-panel) is very good for desktop use.

Add an app launcher (grun) and configure your keybindings and you will be very happy with it as well as your harbware. With xfce4-panel you will also install thunar (file manager, as a dep). OB right-click menu is not self-updating (all entries have to be done manually).


Now there is also i3 (my favorite :D) - a tiling manager (fork of wmii).

I3 with grun (app launcher or dmenu if you like) is very light&fast  (easy to setup multimonitor working environment, which works great). You just have to add all your software (xfe for file manager - if you don't fancy thunar - works similar but it is "lighter". Xine for audio/video and youtube-dl for watching youtube with xine (no flash - no adblock needed :D).

Feh could be used to setup wallpaper on your desktop + it is a picture viewer (simple but quite powerful).


Had a quick spin with KDE3.5.10 (on DesktopBSD) and I have to say, that it is "fast" as well and stable when you compare it to KDE4 (PC-BSD). Had no lack with installing KDE3.5.10 from pkgsrc on DFBSD though.


I don't know if mixing pkg_radd and cd /usr/pksrc is a good idea - but compiling all stuff is a pain when you have DFBSD on a netbook. But using pkg_radd form time to time is limiting (no apps added as pkg).


Just try same new stuff ;)








Dnia 21-06-2010 o godz. 21:36 Dennis Melentyev napisał(a):

Hi all,

Please, let me ask a stupid question: what desktop is most supported on DragonFly?

Usually, I install XFCE4. On the other hand, last upgrade of pkgsrc cost me 4 days (mainly, dependency of gtk2 on atk 1.30 vs atk 1.28 present in the tree). 
Well, I might be wrong with git, everything is installed from sources while I tend to prefer binary packages due to lack of time, but that's another story. Have to understand pkgsrc finally.
CPU is not a problem, P4 2.4GHz is quite decent (although only 512Mb of RAM is a problem and I am not willing to invest in DDR1 anymore)

So, let me rephrase the question a little: what is the least problematic desktop for DragonFly? Ideally - everything work out of the box, easy upgradeable, feature rich (not sexiest, but lots of convenient widgets and tools).


Can you share your experience with your preferred WM/Desktop?
Please, do not discuss pros'n'cons of them. I'm looking for something like "I'm happy with XYZ except for feature zyx."

Dennis Melentyev

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