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hammer cleanup removes snapshots even when retention time is 0 when it ought to have disabled removing snapshots

From: Siju George <sgeorge.ml@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 13:47:13 +0530


The hammer man page says

             If the snapshots directive has a period of 0 and a retention time
             of 0 then snapshot generation is disabled, removal of old snap-
             shots are disabled,

So I configured it with the folowing values.

snapshots 0d 0d
prune     1d 5m
rebalance 1d 5m
reblock   1d 5m
recopy    30d 10m

and did a hammer cleanup but lost all snapshots ?

dfly-bkpsrv# hammer cleanup  /Backup2/www-5mbak/www-hot/
cleanup /Backup2/www-5mbak/www-hot/ - handle PFS #4 using
           snapshots - disabled
               prune - run
           rebalance - run..
             reblock - run....
              recopy - run....^Cdfly-bkpsrv#
dfly-bkpsrv# hammer snapls /Backup2/www-5mbak/www-hot/
Snapshots on (null)     PFS #4
Transaction ID          Timestamp               Note

Did I miss some thing some where?

It is just a slave mirror PFS so nothing to worry but I just didn't
get what the man page said.
The retention time inthis case was 0d but removal of old snapshots was
not disabled :-(



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