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Re: Ideas and questions on pkgsrc

From: Chris Turner <c.turner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 04:58:23 +0000

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
 - General ideas about the bulk builds and binary installs; I've been
staring at it so long I can't see the forest because there's all these
trees in the way.

Yeah.. Lots of these ideas crossing my mind today as well - this DNS-in-base thing kind of spurs a lot of thinking about direction

(or maybe thats my life right now :)


some things come to mind:

1) I've got some 'pkgsrc profile' scripts lying around. They are
  basically lists of package names, which use 'rcorder' to create /
  install a heirarchy of packages.. e.g. just to pick a random example,
  your 'trac' profile might pull in your 'apache' profile,
  and also your 'python' and 'developer tools' profile.

  I'm in the process of dusting off code / revamping my website -
  I'll try to get that released somehow - maybe getting it
  into pkgsrc/pkgutils might make sense -

and providing a few stock ones of these might help..

which brings to mind:

2) nrelease vs pkgsrc vs contrib interfacing -

  If the plan is to modularize alot of contrib, it probably makes sense
  to get some kind of toolkit in place for this. I for one like having
  some things 'always built', and running nrelease every now and again
  has always seemed a bit like something that I do as an afterthought -
  and having this be a more 'usual' thing, might make the release
  go more smoothly / etc.

  e.g. if my 'make buildworld' would build dfly world, a pkgsrc
  bootstrap, and some core tools, like say BIND :) - that would be
  pretty hip - and if 'make installworld' would drop those into place
  without blowing up my base install, that would be hip too.

  or maybe having a separate target, like 'make buildpkgs' in the master
  makefile - in order to preserve modularity, I dunno..

  Side point:  Does the installer work in a vkernel, btw? I've never
  tried - but this would probably help with release engineering /
  end user documentation testing..

3) hack-a-thons - on line to start.

  I think these would be a great idea. I for one am always scratching my
  head to catch up with the list, etc.. Perhaps I should be on leaf /
  IRC more too. my fault there.. but basically, there's lots of stupid
  little things that I never get around to doing, coz there's always
  some other thing. But yeah.

anyhow.. I spend far too much time writing emails to the list and not writing code!

so, with that in mind - I'm off to catch up on git finally, so I can
commit my 1 liner from like a frigging month ago. w00t!

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