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Re: Installing Apache mod_proxy etc.

From: "Bradley D. Thornton" <Bradley@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 11:07:29 -0800

Okay just presuming a few things here.

1.) your proxy HTTP server is in a DMZ or out front and the other HTTP server(s) are behind a firewall.

2.) I glean that mod_proxy is statically compiled while mod_proxy_http is a dynamically loaded (sub) module. Grep your LoadModule directives to see what you're trying to load dynamically.

If mod_proxy_http is showing up then mod_proxy is loaded.

You should be using ProxyPass and NOT using ProxyRequests.

Personally, for some reason I don't like doing this, although it is perfectly fine. I rather use squid for proxy services. I just like it for proxy services over that of Apache, preferring to keep httpd as an HTTP server.

Besides, Squid is very easy to administer, monitor and tune since it was specifically created for this purpose and in the meantime you can just install and test it on the same box as your httpd reverse proxy and run one, then the other, and that might help you make up your mind as to which one you like better for this particular instance.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Colin Adams" <colinpauladams@googlemail.com>
Sent: Saturday, January 16, 2010 9:42 AM
Subject: Re: Installing Apache mod_proxy etc.

Well, I compiled it and got it working - well sort of - my results aren't satisfactory, but it may be that I don't know how to do reverse proxying properly, despite following the guides.

2010/1/16 Justin C. Sherrill <justin@shiningsilence.com>:
On Sat, January 16, 2010 8:57 am, Colin Adams wrote:
Actually it seems mod_proxy, mod_proxy_http and mod_headers are all
statically compile din.

As mod_proxy_html is an external module, i expect i shall have to
compile that myself. But if anyone know different, please let me know.

My installation of 2.0 doesn't show mod_proxy_http.c when I run 'apachectl -L', though it does show mod_proxy.c.

However, looking at the apache2 and apache22 Makefiles, it lists this:

DFLT_APACHE_MODULES+= proxy proxy_connect proxy_ftp proxy_http

... which would make me think it's there. You could try adding it to the
config and see if it barfs on the command, since I can't tell from these
apparently conflicting items whether it's there or now.

-- Colin Adams Preston, Lancashire, ENGLAND

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