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Re: package not found

From: justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 22:18:12 -0500

> On Friday 27 November 2009 00:12:53 niklasro.appspot.com wrote:
>> Dito when handling gnomebuild, could patch bitwise failing packs,
>> eventually gave in using fluxbox and 2.4 now, noting uri and urn are
>> wider standards than url, url we shan't use, use uri and/or urn,
>> unixgrandmaster told.
> Same error when trying to install kdevelop. Is there a way to attempt to
> download all packages in the list without trying to install them? Who's
> responsible for making sure that the list of packages matches the
> packages?

The list of packages (the packages.bz2 file) is created when the files are
uploaded; this should always match unless something happens to damage the
file transfer, or if there's some legal restriction that keeps files from
being uploaded.

In this case, convertlit is restricted.  If you look at the Makefile, it's
forbidden to upload the binary (or even source?) anywhere, as there's
apparently legal issues around it.  It's a converter to "Convert Microsoft
Legal Reader format eBooks into open format", so I'm not too surprised. 
The uploaded report lists what was buildable, not what's available.

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