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Re: funny version number

From: Bernd Limbach <limbachb@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2009 17:40:44 +0100

Pierre Abbat schrieb:
I'm upgrading programs, and I saw this version number go by:
downloading tex-memoir-1.6180339e.6.0c.tgz: 100%
Who picked it?! If you don't see what's funny, see my sig.

Don't worry about it, while it uses tex-* - and therefore is a tex macro/extension or something like that - I assume you can find the answer of teh number here:


It's a constant number, similar to the version number of the TeX typesetting system (PI = 3.1415...). Teh designer of teX decided that with each new bugfix one more digit of teh number PI will be added as version number. The development itself is closed as far as I know.


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