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Re: When will the Xorg X server be available?

From: justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 09:25:29 -0500

>> xorg's available in pkgsrc now.  There's the modular-xorg-drivers,
>> modular-xorg-apps, modular-xorg-libs, etc. in the pkgsrc meta category.
>> Install those and you'll have xorg.

> Ahh, I see. The name threw me. I was looking for names prefixed w/ Xorg.
> I never would have thought to look for that. :)
> I'm surprised it's not located in the X11 category. Oh well. I'm just glad
> it's there. :)

It's there in the x11 category - it's just scattered in a zillion pieces. 
xorg isn't as monolithic as XFree86 was.  For example, look at the
"Required to run" list for modular-xorg-apps:


The 4 modular-xorg packages install somewhere over 140 packages, (almost?)
none of which actually have 'xorg' in the name.  Some start with x, some
start with xf86, some start with libX... etc.

The meta category is good for anything that has a whole lot of other
packages for dependencies, which is why gnome-desktop, kde3, kde4, xfce4
and so on are in there.

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