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Suggestion fix for ikiwiki search results

From: Daniel Bond <db@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 2009 23:58:56 +0100


on the DragonFly ikiwiki, search results include navigational elements, from the parsed markdown output.
One example is:


PNG image

I think search results could improve if we installed a modified IkiWiki/Plugin/search.pm. I'm not exactly sure how Ikiwiki includes it's plugins,
but it might be possible to install it into a directory that has higher presence in the perl search path ( perl -e 'print qq(@INC)' ). This way it won't
conflict with pkgsrc.

I wasn't able to remove entire <div>..</div> blocks, with HTML::Scrubber, so I replaced it with HTML::TreeBuilder. I'm no Perl guru, so there
might be better libraries? Also, I wanted to keep out of the other plugins way, so I didn't want to redefine $scrubber as a different object.

The code has not been tested live in Ikiwiki, I tested it by saving the output of ikiwiki, and piping it through equvilent code, so it might need some
minor adjustmenst. If people like the idea, I can setup a test environment of Ikiwiki in my homedir on leaf and test it further.

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