DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2008-12
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DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2008-12
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dark0s Optik writes:

> I don't know who can interest, but I want also comunicate that I'd
> like attach my next
> program "pkgsrcgfe" at beginning of february 2009.
> The program will contain:
> 1) Commented code
> 2) Modularized code
> 3) Possibility of choice between multiple mirrors
> 4) Save button working
> and it will have always DragonFlyBSD license.
> regards,
> savio

Hi Savio..

I have created a branch of your "pkgsrcgfe" on GitHub (free git hosting 
service). I think others are interested, so it is better to use a public 
repository, instead of attachments to a newsgroup, because that way, others 
can see development in real-time and start contributing. There is a common 
advice to open-source developers which says:

"Release early, release often".

I did not make any changes yet, but I have been planning on writing a 
textual frontend to pkgsrc (like Aptitude in Debian), so that one can make 
multiple changes and then execute them at once, instead of waiting for the 
previous command to finish before you can install something else. And, I 
think it makes sense maybe to have one codebase for these and have options 
to build either the text or the graphical interface. Here's the URL:


PS Please CC me if you want to be absolutely sure I catch any replies..

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