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DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2007-04
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RE: comparing cvsup vs. rsync

From: "Nigel Weeks" <nweeks@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 08:50:09 +1000

Just having an idea about this...are there any files in the source tree that exceed 32kbytes?

What if a database solution were created to:
Contain every version of every file of every branch in a nicely indexed database table
The md5/sha256 of each entry mentioned above
512 byte chunks of each file mentioned above in a nicely indexed table
The md5/sha256 of every 512 bytes of the above mentioned file.

Then, a small client could be written to:
Check for the existence of a later version of a file.
Calculate the checksum of the local file, and fetch the checksum of the file in the repository database.
If the checksums differ, then calculate the checksums for each 512 bytes of the local file, and fetch the differing sections, and cat then back together.

You could then do a full sync with the programs find, awk, fetch, and cat.

I build file repositories with version control, so the server side's easy.

File checkins could simply be a file upload, or a mime encoded fetch request, or an email message, or an ftp drop, or an scp copy, or an rsync push...

I have a FreeBSD machine that could be used for prototyping...

Nigel Weeks
Tech Support and Systems Developer
Rural Press Tasmania
The Examiner Newspaper
Ph. 03 6336 7234
Mob. 0408 133 738
Email.  nweeks@examiner.com.au

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> Subject: Re: comparing cvsup vs. rsync
> walt wrote:
> > Linus avoided rsync in favor of http in 'git' because he thinks
> > rsync is inherently unreliable.  I have *no* idea if he is right or
> > wrong in his opinions, but I figure you guys will favor me with your
> > own opinions on the subject.
> Possibly for transferring the git objects.  They never change, so rsync is
> not efficient.  RCS files do change, so just transferring deltas saves a
> lot.  Additionally, the http transport in git is quite dumb and needs a
> pre-created file to help the download.
> cheers
>   simon
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