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Re: bmake not killing childrens (going way off-topic)

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 04:45:29 +0800

Martin P. Hellwig wrote:

There are these times when things just go horribly wrong, yesterday my new boss (who barely touches a computer) saw me rebooting a old FBSD4 server and asked me what that devil was, ok after some explaining he more or less believed me.

Now he came into my office and looked at my laptop which has this thread open and asked me who bmake was and why should he kill the children.

He didn't waited for the explanation but I guess he thinks I'm sort of in a devil worship group which frequently sacrifice children, the good thing is that he avoided me the rest of the day so I finally finish my tasks :-)


Somewhere I have (or *had*) base-six Forth code 'bark', and 'beer' that drove a 'Talking Clock' chip over 6 lines of a parallel port to make a computer literally 'bark like a dog', or ask 'Please bring the computer operator an ice cold beer'. Those got laughs. Sometimes even beer.

Adding an audio amp chip to a recycled bass-reflex speaker that loudly shouted 'DUMB ASS!' on any stack-underflow error, OTOH, proved a mite embarrassing....



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