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Re: dragonfly & wine

From: "Yury Tarasievich" <yury.tarasievich@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 21:35:06 +0300

On 28/09/06, David Aubril <david.aubril@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    hi everyone.
    Well, yet another question. I have dragonfly running on a quite old
pc, so I'm waiting for pkgsrc 2006Q3 to build anything, since it's going
to take a couple of hours.
    Well, here is my question : I didn't see any wine binary package, on
any of the ftp repositories. Is there a reason for that ? Does that mean
that wine doesn't build on dragonfly ?

It builds, with making the obvious patches in the sources, however, as Joerg says, it won't run, bailing out with some error in function mapper in ld-elf or whatever. I believe I still have the wine build-enabling patches around (against the wine sources month or so old), if somebody wants to play from there, welcome.


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