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Re: How to disable the boot0 menu?

From: Joseph Garcia <bsd_usr@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 13:33:22 -0700

Thomas Schlesinger wrote:

I've installed only DFly on my notebook as the onliest OS, so I have no need for the boot0 menu.

I've tried to minimize the time it's appearing by doing a "boot0cfg -s 1 -t 1 ad0" (-t 0 didn't work). -t is the number of ticks and there should be circa 18.2 ticks per second, according to the handbook, but with -t 1 the boot0 menu appears longer.

I there a way to disable the appearance of the boot0 menu completely?


So basically, you want to get rid of BootEasy (the boot manager that prompts you for an OS), right?

I may have done this before on DragonFlyBSD, or maybe I'm thinking of FreeBSD. Honestly, I can't say for sure I did it under DrgaonFlyBSD but I might have. I just can't remember since all these BSD's are starting to become one in my head.

Anyway, I can say for sure that I have done it in FreeBSD but it was a loooong time ago. Here's a link to the information that I used to do it in FreeBSD:


If I remember correctly, I used boot1 instead of boot0 on the MBR.

I don't know if this will work with DragonFlyBSD. Maybe someone can chime in with more in-depth knowledge of DragonFlyBSD's bootloader and let us know if this won't hose the boot-up process.

Good luck, and remember this could make your system not boot. Don't shoot me if it screws up. ;)


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