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Re: Bridging again

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 05:34:38 +0800

Gergo Szakal wrote:

WBH said:

i.e. - what is the intended service?

The intention is to transparently filter the traffic of a given department. I know it is appropriate, since our old bridge has been runnning for 17 months now. :-)
Sidenote: The IPs are public, no proxying, and there may be some traffic queuing (has already been tested with OpenBSD, and it worked).
(Let me tell the network topology: there are 4 departments sharing the same class C ( == /24) range of public IPs. The infrastructure in the HQ is quite old thus they are unable to mask the subnet into four /26 ranges. I have built a bridge for each department. Now one of them got a new machine, and this is a great occasion for me to try DF in a production environment, and I am also sick & tired of OpenBSD.)

OK. I have a *BSD bastion/air-gap/remote-service-access/local backup box on one client site for that.

I hate to think of replacing the old beast, as finding a MB that can hold 6 NICs is no longer cheap. Some of us place greater trust in cable-plant isolation than mere subnets...

OTOH, there are only 4 WinBoxen left there, and I can set up each of the Mac(BSD) firewalls remotely by ssh'ing in thru the *BSD box, so the need is going away with the WinTels...



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