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Re: What do do when neither cdrecord/burncd work for me anymore?

From: "Justin C. Sherrill" <justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2006 13:40:41 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, September 19, 2006 12:39 pm, Jamie wrote:
> In <450FFF45.20204@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> Petr Janda <elekktretterr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> mentions:
>>elevator# burncd -f /dev/acd0c data plan9.iso fixate
>>next writeable LBA 0
>>writing from file plan9.iso size 258006 KB
>>written this track 1120 KB (0%) total 1120 KB
>>only wrote -1 of 32768 bytes err=16
>>fixating CD, please wait..

> I'm on a limb by saying this, hopefully it won't seem to silly, but, when
> you last compiled the kernel, did you comment out SCSI support? (including
> any emulated SCSI IDE-type drivers)

burncd doesn't require SCSI support, though cdrecord does.  It's stopping
before writing any data at all, which makes me wonder: Is there only one
CD burner in this system?  Is it located at /dev/acd0c?  Is there a CD in
it?  Is the CD blank?

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