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Re: USB memory stick

From: FloW <flo.w@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 12:38:36 +0200

Gergo Szakal wrote:
Matthew Dillon wrote:

I don't know about OpenBSD but I assume they have something similar. You should be able to burn and boot the appropriate CD and test your USB without actually installing anything or modifying your hard drive in any way.

Well, OpenBSD do not even distribute CD images. I recommend using OliveBSD [1] which is a live CD based upon OpenBSD.

Hope I could help avoiding a bit of headache. :-)

[1] http://g.paderni.free.fr/olivebsd/

Thanks for the support. I have FreeBSD installed and ehci works, not as stable and fast as one would wish, but sufficient for my work.

I will have a look into the sources one of the next days. I should have the theoretical background but I'm neither experienced with system code nor with C. So you're likely to hear some more questions from my side ;-)



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