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Re: shutdown on BSD and Linux

From: Gergo Szakal <bastyaelvtars@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2006 16:19:39 +0200

talon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I am puzzled hat nobody mentions
the most widely used OS which has parallel boot, it is WindowsXP. On my
machine which triple boots Windows, BSD and Linux, it is Windows which
boots faster by fast, in fact it takes half the time of unices to be in
graphical mode able to use the machine. But it is clear that at this moment
Windows is still loading stuff, and if you wait that everything is loaded it
takes far longer to boot than any unix.

Haha, MS wants to make people believe that boot time == time between turning on the computer and logging in. I love their propaganda, very funny indeed. I am not an anti-MS guy, just could not keep this to myself. :-)

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