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Re: question about sendmail

From: "Ian R. Stephenson" <debian.usr@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 23:47:06 -0500

Saverio Iacovelli(iacovelli_mail@xxxxxxxx)@2006.09.01 10:51:19 +0000:
> But I don't want send my mail through www.yahoo.it.
> I want to configure a mail server on my box to
> practise me in this matter.
> 1) I want configure my domain without to use bind or
> similar
I am not really sure what you want to achieve here. Do you want to set up
a mail server to both send and receive mail? My MTA (mail server) is setup
to only send mail. I receive mail by popping (fetchmail) from my gmail account.
> 2) I want set hostname
You could start by adding in your /etc/rc.conf file
> 3) I want configure a mail server for sending out
> mails
I don't use sendmail, I use postfix for this, which really took little work on
my part.
> Thanks,
> Saverio


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