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Re: disk diagnostics

From: Oliver Fromme <check+j32pgh00rsbpxvjg@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 27 Jul 2006 17:53:37 GMT

Matthew Dillon wrote:
 > It is clearly an issue with the disk, but 20 minutes is still
 > a very long time.  It takes less then a second on my test box if
 > the previous buildworld's files are still in the cache.  But even
 > without the cache it should certainly not take more then 30 seconds or
 > so, and I can't imagine it taking more then 2-3 minutes on an older
 > system with a slow disk.

Maybe the disk has a defective surface, so the error-
correction kicks in.  Some disks take a long time in
that case, because they read the same track over and
over again with slightly varying servo offsets.

If the disk supports SMART, then maybe smartmontools
provide some information about defects (I don't know
if smartmontools runs under DragonFly, though).

Best regards

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