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Re: pkg_add -r ? pkgsrc ? Howto install packages ??

To: Adrian Michael Nida <nida@xxxxxxxx>
From: Heinrich Rebehn <rebehn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 08:06:14 +0200

Adrian Michael Nida wrote:
On Tue, 2006-07-04 at 14:33 +0200, Heinrich Rebehn wrote:

suggests using pkg_add -r.


I apologize for your confusion.  That version of the handbook reflects
antiquated versions of our application framework.  I have a patched
version that covers pkgsrc and might answer some of your questions.
Check it here:


Thank you. That page cleared my confusion.

Also, I would appreciate any criticism you can give me about that
page(s) :-)
I have not yet found any errors :-)


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