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Re: openvpn packgea

From: "Nazarov Pavel" <smb1987@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 15:02:15 +0400

2006/6/12, Dmitri Nikulin <dnikulin@xxxxxxxxx>:
On 6/12/06, altnixsys@xxxxxxxxx <altnixsys@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was install DFly from iso cd.
> Now I need connect DFly to internet.
> I use openvpn from my provider to internet connection.
> What package I need for install openvpn?
> Where it located?

Joerg has a package at

However, don't use either of these. At least, last time I tried,
neither actually fixed OpenVPN to issue ifconfig and route commands
properly on DragonFly.

There are a couple of hand-hacks you must apply to use OpenVPN. You
might like to make a patch of this - I tried to but was caught up in
autoconfig nightmares. These are my notes from memory.

* DragonFly is not actually in the uname match list, but can just use
FreeBSD's entry (this makes the ifconfig and route commands work)
* DragonFly uses net/tun/if_tun.h, not net/if_tun.h - include this
(this becomes necessary if you use FreeBSD's entry)

-- Dmitri Nikulin

Ifconfig and route issue can be manually solved by up-script - shell file being executed after connection...I had built openvpn on dfbsd and fbsd by hands and successfully connected two this machines, and, besides, successfully get internet access at dfbsd using direct internet connection at fbsd machine :)

Unfortunately, it's hardly possible for me to remember what i've
actually do to make openvpn working properly at dfbsd, but if you need
- i may try to calc diffs =)

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