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rtw(4) available for testing

From: "Sepherosa Ziehau" <sepherosa@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 16:19:23 +0800

Hi all,

rtw(4) is available for testing, which supports Realtek 8180 chip
based wireless NIC:

1) this driver and the patch is against HEAD
2) please do NOT forget to put 'option INVARIANTS' in your kernel config
3) apply the rtw_802_11.diff under sys/netproto/802_11
4) buildkernel/quickkernel installkernel
5) build if_rtw module under rtw/

I have tested this driver with Linksys WPC11 ver4
The code needs further arranging, and I want to seek 8185L support, so
it is not for code reviewing purpose, at least now.

This driver is ported from NetBSD and is written by Doug Young, thank
him for his great work

Best Regards,

Live Free or Die

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