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Re: NIS setup

From: Chuck Tuffli <ctuffli@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 13:28:24 -0800

On 16 Dec 2005 15:51:27 GMT, Oliver Fromme
<check+irljcu00rsffvgcy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
. ..
> It looks like the ypbind command is ignoring the -S option,
> which happens when the hostnames (at least one of them)
> cannot be resolved.
. ..
> To fix the problem, be sure that the hostnames in the -S
> option are resolvable.  Try adding the domain name.  Note
> that using numeric IP addresses does not work, contrary
> to the manual page.  If everything else fails, add the
> host names to /etc/hosts.

Adding the domain name to each of the servers in the -S option didn't
work and the machines were already listed in /etc/hosts. Does it mater
that the client and server are on different networks (i.e.
192.168.168.xxx vs 192.168.180.xxx)? Are there any switches I can
enable that turn on more debug output to help figure out what is going


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