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Fwd: How do I instal Dragonfly BSD from a hard drive - rather than CD?

From: Emiel Kollof <coolvibe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 09:54:22 +0100

Hi guys,

Forwarded to the users list (The forwarded post is below) and also a reply to 
this guy. I know it's a troll, but I thought it was way too funny for you 
guys to miss. It nearly made me choke on my morning coffee. This guy owes me 
a new keyboard because coffee | nose > keyboard.

Heck for this reason alone I'll bite ;)

Hi Pete.

DragonFly can infact be installed from a harddrive. If you searched the 
archives of the mailing list, you see that it's possible. oh, and why use a 
harddrive? You can also install via PXE and netboot, just as easy. (well, not 
really as easy, but it's definately not rocket science).

As for your bootable CD argument, well, that's why they invented CD 
rewritables. You know, those things you can erase and rewrite. 

Installing in windows is not possible, was never possible, and will never be 
possible. DragonFly is not a windows application. It's a full blown operating 
system that wants absolute control over your hardware. It's way easy to just 
dedicate a partition for DragonFly and just boot from network/cd and install.


PS: It really doesn't hurt to use full english words. You should try it 
sometime. Maybe people will take you seriously.

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Subject: How do I instal Dragonfly BSD from a hard drive - rather than CD?
Date: Friday 16 December 2005 04:31
From: "Terabyte Pete" <terabyte_pete@xxxxxxxxxxx>

How do I instal Dragonfly BSD from a hard drive - rather than CD?

Y do I run 8 TB on a glorified Winblows 95 machine?  Because I can. It is
stable, fast, runs everything in existence (instead of the emulated windoze
NT/XP bullshit).  Oh yeah - it's faster than NT/XP as well (less management
overhead).  I M curious about BSD, but nobody seems 2 make N E thing that
installs via hard drive rather than the INSANE 'burn CD then toss it in the
trash because the programmers are idiots with no clue about real-world
usefulness' nonsense.

If U want 2 B successful (big market penetration) U need 2 make your shit
install from hard drive files &/or network connection on FAT32 partitions
(and offer the ability 2 switch them once OS has been installed). Hell even
that freak bug-writer Bill Gates fitured out U need 2 make so-called
'upgrades' like 'XP' compatable with FAT32.  By far most computers on Earth
run variants of DOS, with FAT32 file system!	I'd say it's around 90%
(including international)

U guys should create a package that installs DragonFlyBSD from hard drive
files rather than bootable CD ROM.  The idea that one must first burn a
disposable media when it is far slower and more cumbersome than instlaling
from a hard drive is completely ridiculous.  U guys act all cutting edge,
but U R still stuck in these absolutely ABSURD models - burn a CD just 2 put
the files back on a hard drive??? I mean WTF R U thinking!!!  Realy man it's
just pathetic.

How do I install Dragonfly BSD from hard drive files on a Winblows machine?
Offer that, & U will get lots of people using it instead of the essoteric
'elite hobyest' bullshit that never has N E impact on the market or future.
Shit Sony is just going 2 roll over your asses with the 'Cell' Exokernel
thingy - Y the hell M I even bothering E-Mailingyour geeky UNIX command line
bullshit jack-asses?  Oh yeah - make things use drop-down menus instead of
this RIDICULOUS arcane BS code nobody has the time 2 learn N remember.

Really it's no wonder Micro$oft is so successful. As bad as their product
is, the current alternatives R infinitely worse (like all U lame UNIX

Make something people can actually USE.  Do something PRODUCTIVE instead of
theoretical masturbation.  Make it actually USEFUL 2 a normal person with
normal needs - media, internet - easy no 'remember 10,000 cryptic codes just
to operate the damn thing' nonsense.

Really U R such fukwits - Y do I bother. I'll just load Winblows on a
Playstation 3 after those come out - probably will blow your product away!

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Of all men's miseries, the bitterest is this:
to know so much and have control over nothing.
		-- Herodotus

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