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Re: D-BUS, anyone?

From: Rahul Siddharthan <rsidd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: 06 Dec 2005 07:22:25 GMT

Ivan Voras <ivoras@xxxxxx>
>Something like that has been done, for example on FreeSBIE livecd of
>FreeBSD (using devd(8) IIRC). But there's a major problem when devices
>get disconnected (i.e.: the device gets pulled from under the mounted

Actually it's easy to panic DragonFly (or FreeBSD, last I checked,
which was early 5.x) by pulling out any USB device while it's in use
-- not necessarily a storage device, it happens for me with a
USB-to-serial convertor too, and used to happen under FreeBSD with a
USB audio device.  Annoyingly the USB audio device was often not
actually in use (no audio playback/recording happening, no mixer
program running), but the kernel still believed it was in use and
refused to "detach" it even though it was physically gone.  The panic
happened if I plugged it in again.

> AFAIK, this problem was considered too complex to deal at
>this time because it involved re-architecting portions of VFS. 

The response I got on the FreeBSD lists at that time was it would
involve major rearchitecting of something else (not VFS) since the
kernel assumes that a device, once detected, will always be there and
will not be abruptly yanked out...

I don't know if this has changed lately.


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