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Re: Timer issues

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 2005 10:02:02 -0800 (PST)

:Matthew Dillon wrote:
:> :
:> :
:> :Hey Matt (and the src gang),
:> :
:> :I am having some serious timer issues.  My clock is hosed, which wouldn't be a
:> :problem if it wern't for the tme of day.  The clock is so far off that cvs is
:> :hosed and it totally screws up my projects.
:> :
:> :I can fool around with my test box, so any patches I can try easily enough.
:> :--
:> :jm
:>     Do a boot -v and post your dmesg output.  What do you mean by 'hosed' ?
:I have that problem, too
:It happens when I run some kernel/regression tests in single-user mode,
:I had them running for a few hours and the clock was off nearly an hour

    In Tomaz's case the video BIOS plays a big role in the time getting
    off because he isn't running ACPI so his system is trying to use 
    the second 8254 timer for timekeeping instead of the ACPI timer.
    Video BIOS calls seem to mess up that 8254 timer on a number of BIOSes.

    If you are using any vesa console modes, a mouse in console mode,
    splash screen, etc, try turning it all off and just use a plain 
    vanilla console.

    Does the problem occur if you are not using the console?  e.g. if
    you are using an X session or ssh into the box remotely to run the

					Matthew Dillon 

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