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Re: DP performance

From: robert wilson <hotaru@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 04 Dec 2005 07:27:21 -0500

Vinicius Santos wrote:
> I wonder why it is that important 'who' Danial Thom is, or even whoMatthew Dillon is, in this kind of discussion. I thought that theory,reasoning and results were what mattered and that the rest was justdecorative fallacy, wich might be annoying when it's in the field ofpersonnal insult.
it shouldn't be important, and there is a simple solution to this problem...
"Anonymity counters vanity. On a forum where registration is required,
or even where people give themselves names, a clique is developed of the
elite users, and posts deal as much with who you are as what you are
posting. On an anonymous forum, if you can't tell who posts what, logic
will overrule vanity. As Hiroyuki, the administrator of 2ch, writes:
If there is a user ID attached to a user, a discussion tends to become a
criticizing game. On the other hand, under the anonymous system, even
though your opinion/information is criticized, you don't know with whom
to be upset. Also with a user ID, those who participate in the site for
a long time tend to have authority, and it becomes difficult for a user
to disagree with them. Under a perfectly anonymous system, you can say,
"it's boring," if it is actually boring. All information is treated
equally; only an accurate argument will work."

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