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[off-topic] Re: recommend kvm switch

From: Bob Bagwill <bob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 09:07:27 -0500

In _My Perfect Computer World_, every computer would be required to have a
Universal Console Port, which only spoke the Universal Console Port
Protocol.  There would be only one physical connector design, the port
would always be hot-pluggable, no differing baud rates, parity, character
sets, terminal emulations, color maps, etc.  It would have access to the
system at the firmware level. The standards would be rigidly enforced.

Violators would be consigned to Cable Hell, where every device has a
unique connector, the cables are always way too short or way too long,
all the internal connections are loose and fragile, connectors are rated
for .9 insertions, plated with lead, with a temperature duty range of 62
degrees plus-or-minus one degree, the power pin is always next to the
signal pin, so when it bends, it shorts.  Each cable needs to be
custom-made, with an undocumented pin-out.  The ports are always too close
together to plug-in more than one device at a time. Connectors will change
sex freely, or become hermaphroditic.  Huge slimy toothed monsters will
chase them as they try to decide whether their SCSI device requires a
VHDCI-68M or VHDCI-68F or HD-68M or HD-68F or HD-50M or HD-50F or CX-50M
or CX-50F or DB-25M or DB-25F or DB-50 or Mini CX-50 or Mini CX-60 or
Mini CX-68 connector.

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