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Re: Timer issues

From: Jonathon McKitrick <jcm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 00:47:42 +0000

On Thu, Nov 17, 2005 at 11:30:36AM -0800, Matthew Dillon wrote:
: :I am having some serious timer issues.  My clock is hosed, which wouldn't be a
: :problem if it wern't for the tme of day.  The clock is so far off that cvs is
: :hosed and it totally screws up my projects.
: :
: :I can fool around with my test box, so any patches I can try easily enough.
: :--
: :jm
:     Do a boot -v and post your dmesg output.  What do you mean by 'hosed' ?

I'll send the output with my next email after my buildworld is done.  But
before I do the buildkernel, should I try the CLK_USE_I8254... option?

That's the message I get at the console: BIOS fooled with the 8254 - resetting
it.  After I run X for a while, maybe after switching the video mode, I get
the message, and the clock runs at a super fast speed, about 3-5x normal.


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