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Re: compiling cvsup broken on -current

From: walt <wa1ter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 18:20:13 -0800

Bill Hacker wrote:
There may (eventually) be a better answer than rsync, but <whatever> must be low-hassle and 'good enough for now' with a bit of guidance and/or canned scripts - as rsync can be.

I'd like to put in a word here for 'git', which should be familiar by now to anyone who follows the world of the linux kernel.

'git' is Linus's chosen 'bitkeeper' replacement for maintaining
the linux kernel source tree.  ('bitkeeper' was the proprietary
replacement for CVS that Linus used for a year or so before he
choked on the licensing terms dictated by the 'bk' developer.)

I've learned one helluvalot from following the git mailing list,
even though I'm only a wannabe software developer myself.  The
arguments Linus advances against the 'central source repository'
model used by CVS are fascinating and IMHO quite logical.

Linus cites political fights over the control of the central
repository as the major reason to avoid CVS.  This, IIRC, is
the reason that Our Fearless Leader left the linux project, and
thereafter the FreeBSD project, to found his own DragonFly project.

The 'git' developers have spent a great deal of effort to avoid
using specialized protocols like rsync and cvsup in favor of http.

I know this is not a quick-fix solution for DFly, but it is
certainly worth a look for the long term.  I think git will
eventually be a major player in the open-source community.

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