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Re: Packaging Questions

From: "Simon 'corecode' Schubert" <corecode@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 11:59:25 +0200

On 18.10.2005, at 00:49, James Frazer wrote:
1.  Are there still plans to:
     a) package up the base system? (like how it's done in linux)

Not in the near future. And if, not everything, just some parts to make it easy to remove or add them. I'm thinking of BIND and sendmail because some people don't like them and thus it could be valuable to let those people just pkg_delete base-bind, or something like that.

b) extend pkgsrc to use VFS environments?

I don't think we have those VFS environments in place. So this will have to wait until then. Minimum. I personally consider pkgsrc/ports as almost unextensible because of the wrong language they are using.

2.  Are there any upgrade mechanisms for pkgsrc that will be able
to handle upgrading big/convoluted things (gnome) without blowing
up and creating a giant mess that needs to be manually fixed?

I heard pkgmanager should be able to do so. I guess walt can talk about this more.

3.  Are the goals on packaging (as explained on the website)
still the same, or have they changed?  What can end users expect
in regards to this?

I don't have the web page present at the moment, so I can't comment exactly. But in principle I guess those goals still stand. As end user you can't expect anything because we are way too few developers to accomplish those goals with our very limited manpower. If somebody wants to do this, then all developers and the community for sure will appreciate and support this, but the current development crew just can't stem those projects.


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