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Linksys WPC54G and 1.2.x

From: Jon Hamilton <hamilton@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 21:04:09 -0500

I've been flailing trying to get my wireless network card working and am looking for advice.
I have a HP Pavillion ze4500 laptop, Linksys WPC54G network card, and DFly 1.2.5.  I've tried
every combination of *inf *INF *sys files from the driver using ndis, with mixed success. 
I do have the card working under Linux and ndis on the same hardware.  The driver does
have a .bin file included, but I don't think it's part of the problem here - it works under
linux without having to load any firmware onto the card.

Here's what I get when I try to kldload if_ndis:

Product version: 8.0
Product name: Broadcom | 802.11b CardBus | 8.0 |
Manufacturer ID: d0020604
Function Extension: 0406000c41c45747
Functions: Network Adaptor, Multi-Functioned
Function Extension: 0107
Function Extension: 0240420f00
Function Extension: 0280841e00
Function Extension: 0260ec5300
Function Extension: 02c0d8a700
Function Extension: 0307
Function Extension: 0501
CIS reading done
ndis0.cardbus0[CardBus bus].cbb0[O2Micro OZ6912/6972 PCI-CardBus Bridge].pci0[PCI bus].pcib0[Host to PCI bridge].nexus0.root0[System root bus]
ndis0:  [tentative] mem 0x88001000-0x88001fff irq 11 at device 0.0 on cardbus0
can't re-use a leaf (FrameBursting)!
can't re-use a leaf (EnableAutoConnect)!
no match for srand
ndis0: NDIS API version: 5.1
ndis0: init handler failed
device_probe_and_attach: ndis0 attach returned 6

I edited the generated .h file and deleted the duplicate entries, then rebuilt;  that got rid
of the "can't re-use a leaf" messages but I'm lost at the "no match for srand" problem.  
(I get the same device_probe_and_attach message with the leaf duplicates cleaned up.)  Does 
anyone have this card working under DragonFly?

I looked around a little and can find an ATH-supported card for under $100, and would be
open to going that route and using the ported (but not yet in tree) ath driver, but would
prefer to save the $$$ if anyone has other ideas which might make this work.  Other advice
for configurations known to work with DragonFly and 802.11g would be welcome as well.



   Jon Hamilton 

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