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Re: cvsupfile targets

From: "Justin C. Sherrill" <justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 09:08:27 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, August 1, 2005 6:31 am, Erik Wikström said:
> On 2005-08-01 10:15, Yiorgos Adamopoulos wrote:
>> I have gotten a little confused with the cvsupfile targets one can have
>> to
>> download the sources.  From what I gather:
>> *default release=cvs tag=DragonFly_Preview	<- PREVIEW
>> *default release=cvs tag=.			<- HEAD
>> right?  And what is the tag for STABLE ?
> *default release=cvs tag=DragonFly_RELEASE_1_2_Slip

As I recall, PREVIEW is the general equivalent of FreeBSD's STABLE: it
tracks recent development, but not the latest bleeding edge.  You may
rarely encounter troubles with it.

HEAD is for people who like troubleshooting strange errors.
RELEASE_x.x is for people who don't like anything to go bad, ever.

I run RELEASE_x.x on my home server, for instance, because I can't have
that go down.

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