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Matt's Opinion

From: Guillermo Garcia Rojas <garciarojas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 11:42:31 -0500

Matt I want to know your opinion on the "similarities, differences, and
synergy, between Linux kernel and the BSDs" series of interviews from

I will take the liberty to ask you the same questions, if there's no
problem with you, and put your answers in my website SoloBSD.org and in
the DFly Wiki too if the community thinks is OK.

Here we go: (There's no deadline to answer them Matt, take all the time
you need. I don't want to interfer in your work time).

1.- What are some of the similarities, differences, and synergy -- if any
-- between the Linux kernel and the BSDs?

2.- The BSDs are still considered by some to be more technically correct
than the Linux kernel. Linus Torvalds has said in the past that it's not
all about technology. Do you think the BSD project you work on is better
technically for some or all uses than GNU/Linux (in general)?

3.- If the BSDs were technically better than GNU/Linux five years ago, has
the playing field leveled since then?

4.- Is sharing between DragonFly/Free/Open/NetBSD and the Linux kernel a
common occurrence? And if so, does it go both ways?

5.- Are there parts of Linux that you would like to see adopted in the
DragonFly/Free/Open/NetBSD kernel?

Thank you very much.

Guillermo García Rojas Covarrubias (LinuXo/RaD|Tz)

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