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Re: Dragonfly and Hyperthreading....

From: Andreas Hauser <andy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 9 Mar 2005 18:38:01 -0000

davidxu wrote @ Tue, 08 Mar 2005 21:45:40 +0800:
> Andreas Hauser wrote:

> >My amd64 NVidia board works rather nice (SATA, USB, ACPI, Sound, firewire).
> >The only thing we currently have a problem is one of the two onboard
> >ethernets and even that is only a problem in the driver on our side.
> >
> >Imho, NVidia makes very decent chipsets.
> >And compared to ATI e.g. it is very nice to us (dfports/x11/nvidia-driver).

> I have NVidia nForce 3 ultra based Athlon64 (939 socket) board, its ACPI
> is completly broken, onboard network interface does not work, and its 8254
> clock input pin is not connected to standard APIC pin, DragonFly tries to
> work around it, but still hang at boot time, I am very disappoint with
> the kludge chipsets.

I have the same chipset.


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