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Re: Dragonfly and Hyperthreading....

To: "Martin P. Hellwig" <mhellwig@xxxxxxxxx>
From: David Xu <davidxu@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 10:32:13 +0800

Martin P. Hellwig wrote:
EM1897@xxxxxxx wrote:

what today's CPUS deliver anyway. I've never seen any compelling evidence
that AMD-based machines are faster in practice. Right now I'm testing a 3.4/800Ghz P4 system with 1K cache and PCIExpress and its slower than a 3.06/533 Xeon with 512K cache and PCI-X. The faster CPU is faster in raw

Have you googled already for tyan K8WE? Dual Opteron 200 series, dual PCI-express ready for SLI and yes both with full 16 lanes when in SLI opposed to shared 16 lanes as other current bords have.
The bord will go out for about 600EUR (all features), not even that expensive (still way above my budget).

I just browsed into the topic, but K8WE is fully based on NVIDIA kludge
chipsets, the chipsets company is not open source friendly, I don't
think you will get good support from open source world, based on the
point, Intel is still the best X86 Server platform except its CPU

David Xu

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