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DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2005-03
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Centrino support?

From: Tsume <tsume@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 22:39:59 -0500

Hello community,

How is everyone feeling today?
Am interesting question, Does DragonflyBSD support centrino?

I'm talking about eXecution Bit protection, stepping technology, and other functions which the pentium M allows to save energy while providing decent speed to the end user. I've just ordered a Pentium M 1.7GHz and hopefully nothing goes wrong with my order. I'm hoping to install DragonFlyBSD on the laptop. Every piece of hardware should be compatible with a bit of OS modification(Intel Wireless 2200 built-in card).

There is a project which supports my card. Maybe it would be easy to include in DragonFlyBSD.

My lovely laptop weighs 6 pounds and uses a 6-cell battery.

The wonders of Centrino technology. The wonders of having a real notebook which has at least 4.5+ battery life.


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