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Intel motherboards, Dragonfly Boot CD and BIOS redirects ... ?

From: "Marc G. Fournier" <scrappy@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2005 16:58:45 -0400 (AST)

First question, is anyone using an Intel motherboard?

I have an intel server here, with a dragonfly boot cd in it ... I'm trying to get the BIOS redirect stuff to work, so that I can set this server up to be administer'd remotely ... everything seems to work okay, until:

CD Loader 1.01

Building the boot loader arguments
Looking up /BOOT/LOADER... Found
Connection closed by foreign host.

I'm trying to do this through a PM25 Portmaster ... I found a good bit of info from:


but that deals with using the FreeBSD serial console in the kernel, vs trying to use the BIOS Redirect stuff, which would give me more control over the server then a simple serial console will do :)

Am I stuck with using just the serial console? Or is there some way of getting around this?

Thanks ...

Marc G. Fournier           Hub.Org Networking Services (http://www.hub.org)
Email: scrappy@xxxxxxx           Yahoo!: yscrappy              ICQ: 7615664

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