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Re: Yet another PHP issue...

From: Joerg Anslik <joerg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 23:45:04 +0100



after taking a look at gdb's backtrace, I found PHP 4.3.10_2 was still
accessing some old crap in /usr/local/lib/php/[...], which for some
reason wasn't deinstalled (I'm sure [at least to some extend] I did a
complete deinstall before re-installing php4 and php4-extensions.

After manually removing /usr/local/lib/php and a fresh re-install, I
got everything in place and am no longer facing bus error core dumps
when calling "session_start()".

@Jonas: It's obviously okay to upgrade...but you should check
/usr/local/lib/php for multiple instances of *.so modules, though.
I'll try to reproduce this effect on my test machine when I have time,
which, in fact, I really don't have. :)


who | grep -i blonde | talk; cd ~; wine; talk; touch;
unzip; touch; strip; gasp; finger; gasp; mount;
fsck; more; yes; gasp; umount; make clean; sleep

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