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Re: lighttpd?

From: Scott Nasuta <tcslv@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2005 03:09:47 -0800

Hello Tomaž,

Friday, January 28, 2005, 8:47:04 AM, you wrote:

> Scott Nasuta wrote:

>> I just recently wiped my Solaris 10 b72 (felt too beta to me) install
>> for DragonFly stable on our school server to handle some pretty
>> intensive work. It is just about ready for online and I will let the
>> list know how it is working out. The install and buildworld, etc so
>> far have been flawless on our old HP Netserver 1000r (Lighttpd would
>> not run though after making the port, had to resort to Apache)

> How come? So far I have not find any problems with it on Dfly. But I
> need to stress test it first.

Lighttpd had a few errors each time I tried to start the httpd server
after it compiled cleanly. Various configuration errors complaining
about invalid characters in the config file and another complaining it
couldn't get permission to open the error log. I spent a few hours on
the specific messages over at the lighttpd forums but pretty much came
up with no progress at which point I cut my losses and just installed
Apache because I know it works nicely on DFL from past tinkering.

I was trying to get lighttpd up as our webserver because research came
up at several sites that it outperformed Apache, had easier config,
PLUS had built in FastCGI support which was essential for the Perl
bulletin board (IkonBoard) I setup for our school. But like I said I
just ended up installing the Apache+mod_perl port and had it running in
little time.

Ok, I overstated "intensive work" for our school as it isn't
doing anything scientific, crunching or anything like that. It is just
going to be the webserver/bulletin board/mysql/squid/dansguardian
server for about 900 students. So far DFL has been a trooper.
Apache+mod_perl is running along with the BB to a mysql backend and
doing terrific. Squid/Dans will be next.

I dumped Solaris 10 after two installs and give it an honest try. It
installed fine but too 3x longer than DFL took. I pretty much had DFL
installed and done a whole buildworld in same amount of time it seemed
to have taken Solaris 10 to finally give me control. I just didn't
feel responsive to me, has very limited available documentation (yet),
and it is still late beta with a ton of new features and design
changes which I didn't want to be a tester for on a production system.

I have become a BSD fan after being a linux fanatic for 4 years and
DFL's goals and such seem very pioneering. I am very excited for DFL
and its future. Let the linux fans have their day, good luck to
opensolaris, but the BSD's have just been in the background quietly
doing their jobs a stable unified OS.

"BSD, The Clark Kent's of OS's"

Best regards,
 Scott                            mailto:tcslv@xxxxxxx

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