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Re: kernel: Entropy device is blocking

From: sam <samwun@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 23:58:40 +0800

sam wrote:


I asked freebsd group, but didn't get a solutino for this issue, so I try here for a reasonable answer.

Every now and then when I freshly install FreeBSD, I sometimes get an error message saying "kernel: Entropy device blocking" when I turn on sshd in rc.conf file. I have search around in google but coudln't find a right fix for it.

Your suggestion is highly appreciated.


Thanks for all the replies.
After change the value of net.inet.ip.random_id to 0, sshd successfully create host keys in /etc/ssh.
I m not sure whether the file entropy file was created in / before the change.
In my kernel configuration, I commented out the option RANDOM_IP_ID, because it was said that in 5.3 random_id can be configured in sysctl.conf file, so I assign 1 to net.inet.ip.random_id. I m not whether this is randomly happened. What will be happened if not compile RANDOM_IP_ID in the kernel or assign 0 to net.inet.ip.random_id in sysctl.conf file?

Any idea?


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